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Creative Market

Creative Market is one of my favourite places to go to grab beautiful graphics bundles, fonts and every week also six freebies. I love free goodies. What about you?

Creative Fabrica is another great place  to go to for graphics bundles, fonts and those free goodies.Click and see for yourself. You can even try it all out for $1.

Link in Bio Landing Page Canva Template

This template is fully customisable in Canva and you can use it instead of Linktree. Add your own links and info and you are set to go.

4 Dinosaur Stickers

This 4 stickers template is fully customisable in Canva. You have two options: use it as a digital sticker or have it printed and use it as a normal stickers. Have fun :-).

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My Favorite Tools

Stuff I love and use

My favourite tool that I use to design my social media graphics. I can create everything from Insta posts to educational printables. I LOVE Canva.


Recently I have started to use MemberVault for my free courses and in doing so very happily replaced Skillshare. The free version has all I need and later I can always upgrade.

MuTu System

MUTU System is an online exercise program for all moms. I have been using it since 2012 and it will help you (re)gain confidence in how your body looks, works and feels. I love it!


I have been in love with Camtasia since 2012. It is a great piece of software and for me was very intuitive to start using from scratch. I also love the fact that you pay once and are done. This is one of my old time stars.

I fell in love with Krisp fairly recently. You see, I make YouTube tutorials for various Canva features and no matter what I did, I could not get the sound right. There was always background noise. THEN I stumbled across Krisp and now I have a series of videos ready to edit with beautiful sound even with my kids being at home. Amazing!

Oh and what is Krisp? It is an app that cancels noise and removes echo from meetings recordings, zoom calls, streaming videos and lots more.


I have been using ScreenRec to record my screen when shooting Canva tutorials for some time now and I love it more and more.

It is a small app that you can set up as you need and it works beautifully. You can download it as a screen recorder, streaming video recorder, a screenshot tool  or a webcam recorder. And it´s free, too.

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Behind the Scenes

Products I use to make the things happen

Blue Yeti Pro Mic

This Mic is the latest addition to my armoury. I record all of my audio with it. I did use to have a cheap mic until recently but this change was a really smart move.

Ergonomic Office Chair

I spend a lot (really really lot) of time at my desk while teaching online, translating or creating videos or Canva designs. My body needs its creature comforts, right?

Logitech Webcam

In business, especially online business, it is important to look pleasant. This webcam produces high quality HD video and also captures sound nicely if you are in dire need and without a proper mic.

Selfie Ring Light TriPod

I got this product recently on recommendation of a friend and have been in love with it since. It is a nice source of light and can hold your smartphone so you can go Live on Facebook or YouTube.

Mini Selfie Ring Light

This ring is perfect for selfies on the go or moments where you simply need a little bit of extra light. You can clipit onto any smartphone, and it charges easily by USB.

Green Screen

100% Polyester

Contents: 6 x 9 ft. Green Muslin Backdrop / Ring Metal Holding Clip

Non-Gloss Surface | Lightweight

5pcs of Backdrop Holders – Max. Load: 5lbs.

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